Sunday, 13 September 2015

New West Yorkshire record collection added to Ancestry

Ancestry have added a new record collection to their database:

West Yorkshire, England, Select Removal and Settlement Records, 1689-1866.
The records in this database relate to settlement and removals in West Yorkshire. They include examinations and settlement inquiries, registers of settlement, orders of removal, and other documents.

Details included in these records vary widely, depending on the document. An order of removal may contain a name, age, current parish, and parish being removed to. A settlement register may note number of children and marital status. Documents from inquiries and examinations can be even more extensive. In the end, you may be able to uncover some of the following information:
  • name
  • age and birth information
  • parish
  • date
  • places and dates of residence (both current and former)
  • spouse and marriage details
  • children’s names, birth dates and places, and legitimacy
  • professional information and apprenticeships
  • other family members’ names and residences
  • summary of the situation and grounds for settlement or removal.

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